Creating a New Page from a Template

Once you have a template or even a variety of templates to work with, you'll start most new pages with a template to avoid repetitive design tasks. You can base a new page on an existing template in a number of ways. Perhaps the quickest route is to use the Assets window. Just remember, this list contains only templates in the active site. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the Assets window and click the Templates tool in the Assets panel.

  2. Right-click the template, and choose New From Template from the shortcut menu.

  3. Choose File ® New to open the New From Template.

    The New From Template dialog box provides a few benefits that the Assets window doesn't:

    • It displays all templates for all your defined sites.

    • You can disconnect the new page from the template.

  4. Click the Templates tab. Dreamweaver MX displays all the templates for all your Dreamweaver MX-defined sites, as shown in Figure 23.5.

    click to expand
    Figure 23.5: The Templates tab displays all your templates.

  5. To select a template, choose a site in the Templates For list. The templates in the Site list to the right update accordingly.

  6. From the Site list, choose the appropriate template.

  7. Click Create to open the new document in the Document window.


Deselecting the Update Page When Template Changes option will create an independent HTML file. Be careful when doing so-Dreamweaver MX will not update the page when you modify the template.

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