How to Know When It s Time to Leave

How to Know When Its Time to Leave

This list is a mere sampling of the potential clues that its time to consider moving on, or even that someone else is considering a job termination for you:

  • You have lots of time and energy to chitchat, doodle, surf the Web, and get coffee. You have to ask yourself, What can I do today to look busy?

  • Your job doesnt require you to learn anything new, and you are not learning anything new on your own.

  • You have been in the same job with the same responsibilities for several years , and it has become routineeven boring.

  • You are uneasy with new technology that might improve your productivity.

  • There is no funding in your department for education in new technology, and no management awareness of the need to implement current IT technology.

  • Others are being recognized and promotedor leaving for better jobsand you are not.

  • Your company is getting smaller and less profitable.

  • Corporate direction changes to another focus and away from your skills.

  • Your manager seems strangely aloof to you, but not to others.

  • Your job evaluations are going down, youre not getting significant raises, and your manager doesnt have a plan to help you.

  • Your boss never asks, What are you working on?

  • Nothing ever goes wrong.

  • Your company is bought.

  • You are switched to a team or applications or a manager that you cant stand.

  • You think you can do this job for the rest of your career with no sweat.

  • They move you to the bullpen from your own office.

Do you see yourself in any of these items? You may be in line for a premature exit. Be prepared. Start networking and polishing up your skills now. You are just a short time away from some serious job searching.

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