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Unicode   2nd  
unordered list of resources (RDF)  
UnSubscribeCategory function (Syndic8)  
UnSubscribeFeed function (Syndic8)  
update notifications for feeds subscribed to  
       for content format   2nd  
       format of content encoding  
       in RSS 0.9x metadata  
       for live show contacts  
       mod_content module  
       mod_DCTerms namespace  
       for well- formed XML  
       for XML namespaces  
url elements, RSS 0.91  
       feeds subscribed to, storing in file  
       Publish and Subscribe service for a feed  
       queries encoded into (Meerkat)  
       querying Syndic8 for site feeds  
       site, suggesting feed for Syndic8 with  
       suggesting feed for Syndic8 database from RSS URL  
Userland Software   2nd  
       RSS 0.91   2nd  
       RSS 0.92   2nd  
       RSS 2.0  
       finding with Syndic8 database query  
       information about, getting  
       subscription list, adding feed to  
       subscription lists for, getting  
UTF-8 and UTF-16 (Unicode encodings)  

Content Syndication with RSS
Content Syndication with RSS
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