This book is about RSS and Atom, the two most popular content-syndication technologies. From distributing the latest web site content to your desktop and powering loosely coupled applications on the Internet, to providing the building blocks of the Semantic Web, these two technologies are among the Internet's fastest growing.

There are millions of RSS and Atom feeds available across the Web today; this book shows you how to read them, how to create your own, and how to build applications that use them. It covers:

  • RSS 2.0 and its predecessors

  • RSS 1.0 and the Semantic Web

  • Atom and the latest generation of feed technology

  • How to create and parse feeds

  • Extending RSS and Atom through modules

  • Using RSS and Atom on the desktop, on the Web, and in the enterprise

  • Building RSS- and Atom-based applications

    Developing Feeds with RSS and Atom
    Developing Feeds with Rss and Atom
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