Section 6.3. Other RSS 1.0 Modules

6.3. Other RSS 1.0 Modules

The use of RSS 1.0 is especially prevalent in the scientific and governmental fields. There are modules available there, too. They're a little too specialized for a complete rundown, but here's a short list:


For chemists, CMLRSS enables RSS 1.0 to convey information about the structure of chemical molecules. Developed at the University of Cambridge, the authors have also made Java software available for producing visualizations of the molecules themselves.

The UK e-Government Metadata Standard (

The U.K. government has mandated an RDF schema for its data, and this is also available as an RSS 1.0 feed. Andrew Green has created Perl modules specifically for creating such feeds, available at

Context (

Supports applications that want to use the proposed OpenURL Framework for Context-Sensitive Services. More details are at

MPN-Interest (

Creates an automatic recommendation system between weblogs, perhaps further explained by this presentation:

LiveJournal (

A module that allows RSS 1.0 to include LiveJournal specific metadata to each entry.

RSSDiscuss (

Displays information about message boards and other discussion areas.

photoAlbum (

Displays information commonly found in a photo album application.

Ruby Application Archive (

Displays information about applications within the Ruby Application Archive,

Learning Object Metadata (

Displays information about Learning Objects.

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