OleDbParameter marshal by reference

OleDbParameter marshal by reference

System.Data.OleDb (system.data.dll) sealed class

This class represents a parameter for a stored procedure or parameterized query. For information about the basic OleDbParameter members , refer to the reference for the System.Data.IDbDataParameter and System.Data.IDataParameter interfaces, which OleDbParameter implements.

In addition, the OleDbParameter class adds a new property: OleDbType . This property sets the OLE DB data type of a parameter. You should always set this value (explicitly, or through one of the constructors) rather than the more general DbType . When you set OleDbType , DbType is updated automatically with the most compatible System.Data.DbType value.

 public sealed class  OleDbParameter  : MarshalByRefObject , System.Data.IDbDataParameter, System.Data.IDataParameter,         ICloneable {  // Public Constructors  public  OleDbParameter  (  );      public  OleDbParameter  ( string   name   , object   value   );      public  OleDbParameter  ( string   name   , OleDbType   dataType   );      public  OleDbParameter  (string   name   , OleDbType   dataType   , int   size   );    public  OleDbParameter  (string   parameterName   , OleDbType   dbType   , int   size   , System.Data.ParameterDirection   direction   ,         bool   isNullable   , byte   precision   , byte   scale   , string   srcColumn   , System.Data.DataRowVersion   srcVersion   , object   value   );    public  OleDbParameter  (string   name   , OleDbType   dataType   , int   size   , string   srcColumn   );  // Public Instance Properties  public DbType  DbType  {set; get; }  // implements System.Data.IDataParameter  public ParameterDirection  Direction  {set; get; }  // implements System.Data.IDataParameter  public bool  IsNullable  {set; get; }  // implements System.Data.IDataParameter  public OleDbType  OleDbType  {set; get; }     public string  ParameterName  {set; get; }  // implements System.Data.IDataParameter  public byte  Precision  {set; get; }  // implements System.Data.IDbDataParameter  public byte  Scale  {set; get; }  // implements System.Data.IDbDataParameter  public int  Size  {set; get; }  // implements System.Data.IDbDataParameter  public string  SourceColumn  {set; get; }  // implements System.Data.IDataParameter  public DataRowVersion  SourceVersion  {set; get; }  // implements System.Data.IDataParameter  public object  Value  {set; get; }  // implements System.Data.IDataParameter   // Public Instance Methods  public override string  ToString  (  );  // overrides object  } 


System.Object figs/u2192.gif System.MarshalByRefObject figs/u2192.gif OleDbParameter(System.Data.IDbDataParameter, System.Data.IDataParameter , System.ICloneable)

Returned By

OleDbCommand.CreateParameter( ) , OleDbParameterCollection.this

Passed To

OleDbParameterCollection.{Add( ) , this}

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