DataRowAction serializable, flag

DataRowAction serializable, flag

System.Data ( enum

This enumeration describes an action performed on a row that causes an event to be raised. It is used by the Action property of the DataRowChangeEventArgs class to indicate what caused the event to be raised.

 public enum  DataRowAction  {  Nothing = 0x00000000  ,  Delete = 0x00000001  ,  Change = 0x00000002  ,  Rollback = 0x00000004  ,  Commit = 0x00000008  ,  Add = 0x00000010  } 


System.Object figs/u2192.gif System.ValueType figs/u2192.gif System.Enum(System.IComparable, System.IFormattable , System.IConvertible) figs/u2192.gif DataRowAction

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Passed To

DataRowChangeEventArgs.DataRowChangeEventArgs( )

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