14.7 ContinueUpdateOnError

The ContinueUpdateOnError property controls whether an Update( ) continues with remaining rows or stops processing if an error is encountered during the updating. If ContinueUpdateOnError is true , and an error is encountered during the update, an exception isn't raised, the RowError property of the DataRow causing the error is set to the error message that would have been raised, and the update continues processing the remaining rows. A well-designed application uses the RowError information to present the user with a list of the failed and possibly the current values in the data source for those rows. It also provides a mechanism to correct and resubmit the failed attempts, if required.

If ContinueUpdateOnError is false , the DataAdapter raises a DBConcurrencyException when a row update attempt fails. Generally, ContinueUpdateOnError is set to false when the changes made to the DataSet are part of a transaction and must be either completely applied to the data source or not applied at all. The exception handler rolls back the transaction.

ADO. NET in a Nutshell
ADO.NET in a Nutshell
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