9.1 Overview


PyUnit brings xUnit to Python. Python is an interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programming language, widely used for many different kinds of software development. Steve Purcell ported JUnit to Python to create PyUnit. It follows the generic xUnit model closely. The standard Python libraries have included PyUnit since Python 2.1.

Python is open source software that is copyrighted but freely usable and distributable. PyUnit has the same terms as Python itself, with a stipulation that Steve Purcell be credited as the author in the source code and any accompanying documentation.

For more information about Python, see http://www.python.org. PyUnit's home is http://pyunit. sourceforge .net. The information in this chapter is based on Python 2.3.3, which includes Version 1.4.6 of PyUnit.

Unit Test Frameworks
Unit Test Frameworks
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