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Ui namespaces, CppUnit
unit test frameworks
                creating a Book
                creating a Library
        class diagram for library application
        complex architectures, verification by
        definition of
        key element of Test Driven Development
        library application (example)
                creating a unit test
                setting up unit test framework
        quality assurance (QA) and
        simple tests, writing
        success of unit test
        xUnit family of tools
                architecture of
                listing of
unit testing, resources
unit tests
        aggregating with TestSuite
        class diagram for library application
        coupled [See test coupling]
        creating (library application example)
        for debugging
        GUI applications
                Library GUI (example)
        isolation of
        key classes used in building (JUnit)
        layout code and
        low-level, writing
        relationship to production code
        types of
                asserts, types of
                defining custom asserts
                Library and Book classes, latest versions
                mock objects
                performance tests
                single condition tests
                test code organization
                testing expected errors
                testing get/set methods
                testing protected behavior
        XUnit, TestCase class as parent of
UnitTest class
        C++ version
        getNumSuccess( ) 2nd module
        running tests without module, using as test runner
UT_ASSERT( ) 2nd


Unit Test Frameworks
Unit Test Frameworks
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