Chapter 4 -- For Power Users: Installing and Maintaining Office 2000

Chapter 4

In this chapter, you'll learn how to install the Microsoft Office 2000 software on your system and optimize its configuration. If Office 2000 is already installed and working on your computer, you can safely skip this chapter. The information here will be of interest mainly to power users and system administrators who need to install and maintain the Office 2000 software on one or several computers (especially those who need to manage larger workgroups). In this chapter, you'll learn how to run the Office Setup program, select the applications and components you need to install, maintain, and repair the Office software, and remove part or all of Office 2000 at a later time. You'll also learn about the Microsoft Office 2000 Resource Kit, an awesome collection of wizards, tools, documentation, and setup resources that you can download or purchase from Microsoft Corporation.

Running Microsoft Office 2000 Small Business
Running Microsoft Office 2000
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