Appendix B. Suggested Reading


This appendix provides a list of supplemental and background reading. All the references listed here are excellent resources. The nature of the information is diverse; some of the books, for example, are tomes of wisdom, good reference guides about command syntax, or a consideration of a very specialized problem that you might encounter.

The list is broken up into general topic areas and further divided by information typebooks, web sites, and, where possible, standards documents.


If a web page is not accessible, the specific location might have changed. If this happens, use a search engine to hunt down the new location. Many of the web references are to the Cisco site, so finding an updated URL, if necessary, should not prove too problematic .

General TCP/IP


Comer, Douglas E. Internetworking with TCP/IP , Volume 1. Prentice Hall; 2000.

Stevens, W. Richard. TCP/IP Illustrated: The Protocols , Volume 1. Addison-Wesley; 1994.

Doyle, Jeff. Routing TCP/IP , Volume I (CCIE Professional Development). Cisco Press; 1998.

Standards Documents

RFC 3056, "Connection of IPv6 Domains via IPv4 Clouds." B. Carpenter and K. Moore.

RFC 2893, "Transition Mechanisms for IPv6 Hosts and Routers." R. Gilligan and E. Nordmark.

RFC 2373, "IP Version 6 Addressing Architecture." R. Hinden and S. Deering.

RFC 2365, "Administratively Scoped IP Multicast." D. Meyer.

Web Sites

"IPv6 Deployment Strategies" at

"ABCs of IP version 6" at

IP Routing Protocols


Huitema, Christian. Routing in the Internet . Prentice Hall PTR; 2000.

Perlman, Radia. Interconnections: Bridges, Routers, Switches, and Internetworking Protocols , Second Edition. Addison-Wesley; 1999.

Shamim, Faraz, Zaheer Aziz, Johnson Liu, and Abe Martey. Troubleshooting IP Routing Protocols (CCIE Professional Development). Cisco Press; 2002.

Web Sites

"Designing Large-Scale IP Internetworks" at

"IP & Routing" at



Moy, John. OSPF: Anatomy of a Routing Protocol . Addison-Wesley; 1998.

Standards Documents

RFC 2370, "The OSPF Opaque LSA Option." R. Coltun.

RFC 2328, "OSPF version 2." J. Moy.

RFC 1586, "Guidelines for Running OSPF Over Frame Relay Networks." O. deSouza and M. Rodrigues.

Web Sites

"Problems with Running OSPF in NBMA Mode over Frame Relay" at

"Configuring OSPF" chapter of the Network Protocols Configuration Guide, Part 1, at

"OSPF Commands" at

"Open Shortest Path First" at



Martey, Abe. IS-IS Network Design Solutions . Cisco Press; 2002.

Standards Documents

RFC 1195, "Use of OSI IS-IS for Routing TCP/IP and Dual Environments." R. Callon. December 1990.

RFC 1629, "Guidelines for OSI NSAP Allocation in the Internet" (Obsolete RFC 1237.) R. Colella, R. Callon, E. Gardner, Y. Rekhter. May 1994.

RFC 1142, "OSI IS-IS Intra-domain Routing Protocol." D. Oran. February 1990.

ISO 10589, "Intermediate System to Intermediate System Intra-Domain Routeing Exchange Protocol for use in Conjunction with the Protocol for Providing the Connectionless-mode Network Service (ISO 8473)." April 1992.

Web Sites

"Integrated IS-IS Commands" at



Retana, Alvaro, Don Slice, and Russ White. Advanced IP Network Design (CCIE Professional Development). Cisco Press; 1999.

Web Sites

"EIGRPEnhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol" at

"Configuring IP Enhanced IGRP" at



Halabi, Sam, and Danny McPherson. Internet Routing Architectures , Second Edition. Cisco Press; 2000.

Standards Documents

RFC 1774, "BGP-4 Protocol Analysis." P. Traina. March 1995.

RFC 1771, "A Border Gateway Protocol 4 (BGP-4)." Y. Rekhter and T. Li. March 1995.

RFC 1163, "A Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)." K. Lougheed and Y. Rekhter. June 1990.

Web Sites

"Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)" at

"Configuring BGP" at

"BGP Case Studies" at



Benjamin, Henry. CCNP Practical Studies: Routing . Cisco Press; 2002.

Web Sites

"Configuring IP Routing Protocols" at

"RIP and OSPF Redistribution" at

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