Chapter 19. Scenarios for Exam Preparation


This chapter is designed to assist you in final preparation for the BSCI exam by providing additional practice with the core topics of the exam. These exercises and tasks require a broad perspective, which means that you will need to draw on knowledge that you acquired in Chapters 1 through 18. This chapter also focuses on configuration and verification commands. These scenarios are designed with certain assumptions about the way we all learn and retain information.

It is easy to forget the details of a particular technology by the time you have completed your study of the other chapters. To resolve this, the scenarios in this chapter cover the entire breadth of exam topics to remind you about many of these details. In addition to simply covering the exam topics, the scenarios put the topics in context. This makes it easier to comprehend each subject because it is not presented in a vacuum . After successfully working through the scenarios, you can feel confident in your preparedness not only for the exam, but also for real-life implementation of the technologies.

The ability to apply knowledge in different contexts proves you have achieved a deep understanding of the subject matter. These scenarios challenge you outside the scope of the individual facts that are presented, which makes those facts much easier to remember and apply.

Your understanding of the concepts at this point in your study is complete; practice and repetition is useful so that you can answer quickly and confidently on the exam. Good luck.

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