Roland VS Recorder Power: The Comprehensive Guide

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Roland VS Recorder Power!: The Comprehensive Guide
By Chris Skelnik, Vince Gibbs, Karl Frick
Publisher: Course Technology
Pub Date: 2005
ISBN: 1-59200-836-4
Pages: 350

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Coverage includes

  • Chris "Hook" Skelnik has been playing drums for over 20 years . He has played hundreds of live gigs throughout the Midwest, and his drumming can be heard on various independent releases. He has been a Roland VS user since 1999, and uses various VS workstations at C4 Studios, his small project studio, specializing in solo artists , small band projects, and on-location recording. Skelnik is also an administrator and moderator for, the world's largest online community for VS users. He has written various technical documents and FAQs related to the VS workstations, and is the Editor of the VSPlanet Newsletter.

  • Vince Gibbs has been a home recording enthusiast since purchasing his first multi-track recorder in 1983. He has developed training curricula for such companies as DirecTV, Cricket Wireless, and AOL to name a few. He has performed throughout Asia with top-40 bands as a singer , drummer , and bass player and has released his own independent CDs. Gibbs' passion is music, home recording and getting the best out of the gear he owns. He can also be found helping VS users at VSPlanet, the largest online community of VS users.

  • Karl Frick has been an electronics aficionado since the early 1960s, and has been a part-time working musician since 1970. He started tinkering with multi-track recording in 1974, bouncing tracks back and forth between two stereo reel-to-reel decks. He worked as a musician, engineer, and equipment technician at a 24-track facility from 1978 to 1984. During a stint as a design engineer, Frick was awarded a patent for an electronic bell-playing system that was installed in dozens of churches and other facilities worldwide from 1988 to 1995. He loves to play bass guitar and Hammond organ, and has performed in bands that have opened for such diverse artists as B.B. King, John Hammond, and America.

  • Targeted towards beginner to intermediate hard disk recorder users and enthusiasts looking for tips and information on Roland's successful and popular VS Recorder series.

  • Offers comprehensive and in-depth coverage of how to record, edit, mix, and master audio recordings using the various models of the Roland VS hard disk recorder.

  • Written by professional users who work with the Roland VS Recorder and provide users with all of the background and usage information they need to become proficient with the VS Recorder.

  • Covers the history, theory, working methods , performance and usage tips, and additional peripherals to help the user get the most out of his or her Roland VS Recorder.

  • Part of the successful Power! series of titles.

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book cover
Roland VS Recorder Power!: The Comprehensive Guide
By Chris  Skelnik, Vince  Gibbs, Karl  Frick
Publisher: Course Technology
Pub Date: 2005
ISBN: 1-59200-836-4
Pages: 350

Table of Contents    Index

      About the Authors
      Chapter 1.   History of the VS Workstations
        1996: The VS-880
        1998: The VS-1680
        1999: The VS-880EX
        1999: The VSR-880
        2000: The VS-1880
        2000: The VS-890
        2001: The VS-2480
        2002: The VS-1824CD
        2002: The VS-2480CD
        2003: The VS-2400CD
        2004: The VS-2000CD
        2004: The VS-2480DVD
      Chapter 2.   Overview of the VS Workstation Architecture
        Mixing Console
        Internal Effects
        Hard Disk Recorder
        Common Concepts
        Mixer Modes
        Virtual Tracks
        Using Internal Effects
        Scenes, Locators, and Markers
      Chapter 3.   Introduction to the VS-880/890 Series
        Connecting Your Inputs and Outputs
        Front Panel Layout
        Mixer Modes Redux
        A Few Important Tips
      Chapter 4.   Basic Recording on the VS-880/890 Series
        Creating a New Song
        Naming the Song
        3-Band EQ
        Routing Your Inputs to Recording Tracks
        Setting Input Levels
        Recording the Tracks
        Advanced Recording on the VS-880/890 Series
        Exploiting V-Tracks
        Recording Dry, Listening Wet
        Recording Wet
        Additional Recording Topics for the VS-880/890 Series
      Chapter 5.   Editing on the VS-880/890 Series
        Editing Tracks
        Song Optimize
      Chapter 6.   Mixing on the VS-880/890 Series
        Planning Your Mixing Strategy
        Track Parameters
        Bouncing Tracks
        Putting It All Together
      Chapter 7.   Finishing Your Project on the VS-880/890 Series
        Mastering Your Song
        Burning Your Song to a CD via the SCSI Burner
        Backing Up Songs to CD
        Recovering Songs from CD
        Updating Your Operating System
        Interfacing the VS Workstation with a Computer
        Syncing Multiple VS Workstations
        Miscellaneous Utilities, Functions, and Parameters
      Chapter 8.   Introduction to the VS-1680/1880 Series
        Larger LCD for Easier Viewing
        Recording Modes
        Two Fully Independent Mixers
        Ten Inputs
        Two Effects Cards at Once
        Phantom Power
        Markers and Locators
        Undo and Redo
        Dedicated Mastering Room
        Differences Between the VS-1680, VS-1880, and VS-1824
      Chapter 9.   Advances in Recording with the VS-1680/1880
        Creating a New Song
        Setting Up a Track for Recording
        Setting the Recording Level
        Recording a Vocal Track
        Compressing a Track While Recording
        Adding Effects to a Track During Playback
        Using Virtual Tracks
        Using the Digital Inputs to Record a Track
        Punch In/Out
        Recording with MIDI
        Song Templates
      Chapter 10.   Advances in Editing with the VS-1680/1880
        Track Editing Versus Phrase Editing
        Basic Steps for Track Editing
        Creating a Seamless Loop Using Track Copy
        Phrase Editing Features
        Selecting the Phrase for Editing
        Song Editing
      Chapter 11.   Advances in Mixing with the VS-1680/1880
        Channel Edit Screen
        Channel Link
        Grouped Faders
        Signal Buses
        Mixing with Effects
        User Effects
        Important Reminders About Using Effects
        Using EQ
        Vari Pitch
        Adding an External Mixer
        Initializing the Mixer Settings
      Chapter 12.   Advances in Mastering with the VS-1680/1880
        Mastering Room
        Mixing Down to the Master Tracks
        Playing Back the Master Tracks
        Understanding the MTK
        Mixing Down with the MTK
        Getting the Best from the MTK Presets
        Recording Your Mastered Tracks
      Chapter 13.   Roland VS-2480
        Hooking Up
        Inside the Box
        Tracks, V-Tracks, and Master Tracks
      Chapter 14.   The Channel Strip
        Changing Data
        Track Selection and Control
        Effects Inserts
        AUX Sends and DIR Assignments
        Mix, Mute, and Solo Buttons
      Chapter 15.   Project Basics
        Project Management
        Moving Around Within Your Project
        Viewing Your Project
      Chapter 16.   Tracking
        Input Monitoring
        Input Mixer Monitoring
        Recording Dry
        Recording with Effects
        Have It Both Ways
        Recording FX Separately
        Name Your Tracks
      Chapter 17.   Track Editing
        Phrases and Regions
        Nondestructive Editing and Pointer-Based Playback
        Setting Edit Points
      Chapter 18.   Mixes , Scenes, and Automix
        Record Monitor Selection
        Using Printed Effects
        Linked Track Tricks
        Using Scenes
        Using Scenes and Automix Together
        Individual Track Adjustments
        Adding External Sources at Mix Time
      Chapter 19.   Tempo Map, Metronome, Sync, and MIDI
        Tempo Map
      Appendix.  The VS-2000CD workstation
        Last Minute Tips for Getting the Best out of Your VS Workstation
        Online Forums and Support
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