This chapter describes the fourth iteration of the Unified Process and is part of the construction phase. All required functionality that was scheduled for this iteration has gone through the core workflows: requirements, analysis, design, implementation, and test. The implementation was run, and initial unit tests were performed. In addition, the project planning documents were updated. The code documentation was generated as described in Chapter 5.

6.8.1 Review

We must review the status of the project to decide whether the project can proceed to the next iteration. To decide whether the project is ready, the goals for the five core workflows must be met:

  • Requirements: Refine the requirements and system scope.
  • Analysis: Analyze the requirements by describing what the system does.
  • Design: Develop the design of the required functionality for this iteration using UML.
  • Implementation: Implement the required functionality.
  • Test: Test the implemented features.

The project meets all goals that were set for this iteration and is therefore ready to proceed to the next phase.

. NET-A Complete Development Cycle
.NET-A Complete Development Cycle
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