The Refined Project Vision and Business Case

The refined vision is based on the analysis discussed in Chapter 4 and adds new information.

The goal, or vision, for this project is to provide software components to a printing and embossing business that allows online ordering of prints and other items, such as cups, postcards, T-shirts, and mouse pads, that can be customized with digital images.

To accomplish this task, the user must download a photo editor application that is then installed on the customer's computer. After installation the user can alter images, adding graphics, text, and special effects. Users can then save the altered images on their local computers and later upload the images via the Online Photo Shop's Web site to order prints or customized products.

The new software will open the business to a new and larger customer base, allowing for future growth.

. NET-A Complete Development Cycle
.NET-A Complete Development Cycle
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