Part V: Building SOA (Technology and Design)

V Building SOA (Technology and Design)

Chapter 13

Service-Oriented Design (Part I: Introduction)

Chapter 14

Service-Oriented Design (Part II: SOA Composition Guidelines)

Chapter 15

Service-Oriented Design (Part III: Service Design)

Chapter 16

Service-Oriented Design (Part IV: Business Process Design)

Chapter 17

Fundamental WS-* Extensions

Chapter 18

SOA Platforms


Time for the rubber to hit the road, as we apply the theories, concepts, and analysis results from past chapters to real world, concrete SOA designs. The remaining chapters in this book explore numerous facets of SOA technology interspersed with detailed, step-by-step process descriptions that explain how to apply this technology to realize individual services and SOA as a whole.

Service-Oriented Architecture. Concepts, Technology, and Design
Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA): Concepts, Technology, and Design
ISBN: 0131858580
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Year: 2004
Pages: 150
Authors: Thomas Erl
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