Part I: SOA and Web Services Fundamentals

I SOA and Web Services Fundamentals

Chapter 3

Introducing SOA

Chapter 4

The Evolution of SOA

Chapter 5

Web Services and Primitive SOA


"You don't need Web services to build SOA!" These are words you'll hear many say prior to explaining service-oriented architecture. However, this statement is typically followed by something equivalent to "...but using Web services to build SOA is a darn good idea..."

This book fully acknowledges that SOA and service-orientation are implementation-agnostic paradigms that can be realized through any suitable technology platform. Perhaps one day Web services will be supplanted by a superior platform even more capable of bringing the world closer to pure service-orientation. For now, though, the Web services platform (and all that comes with it) is as good as it gets.

Much of this book is therefore focused on realizing SOA through and applying service-orientation principles to Web services technology. Conversely, our coverage of Web services concepts and technology is provided specifically within the context of SOA and service-orientation.

Service-Oriented Architecture. Concepts, Technology, and Design
Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA): Concepts, Technology, and Design
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Year: 2004
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