A Scaled Adaptive Framework

Other than the core ideology and principles that remain constant regardless of project team size , the components of larger adaptive teams are:

  • A hub organizational structure
  • Self-organization extensions
  • Team self-discipline
  • Additional practices

A project team consists of individualsquasi-independent agentswho interact within a structure of team and self-disciplined rules of engagement (how people interact with each other). Individuals are given flexibility and a degree of autonomy within this loose structure, and they, in turn , exercise self-discipline to be accountable for results and behave as responsible and thoughtful members of the team. Larger teams, those consisting of multiple subteams, operate the same wayindividuals are the agents in teams, while subteams are the agents in a larger project. A "hub" structure replaces the common hierarchical structure, organizational discipline encompasses additional responsibilities, and team discipline reflects rules of engagement among teams just as it does among individuals.

Agile Project Management. Creating Innovative Products
Agile Project Management: Creating Innovative Products (2nd Edition)
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