Transferring R/3 Global Settings

Transferring R 3 Global Settings

Before we can use the R/3 source system, we must transfer the source system's global setting into the BW system.

Work Instructions

Step 1. Right-click the newly created source system TC1_200, and then select Transfer global settings.




If exchange rates are configured in TC1_200, select Transfer exchange rates and transfer this configuration as well.

SCREEN 10.28


Step 2. Check all options in the Transfer global table contents block, check the Rebuild tables option, and then click graphics/clock.gif to execute the options.



SCREEN 10.29



Screen 10.30 opens, listing what happened to each configuration table.

SCREEN 10.30


Before installing a Business Content object, we need to finish one more thing if the object uses DataSources: We must activate the DataSources in TC1_200 and replicate them into BTC_100. We will accomplish this task in the next section.

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