NTP Logging


You want to log significant NTP events.


Use the ntp logging command to enable the logging of NTP events:

Router2#configure terminal 
Enter configuration commands, one per line. End with CNTL/Z.
Router2(config)#ntp logging



Starting in IOS Version 12.3(7)T, Cisco added the NTP logging feature. By implementing this feature, the router will log significant NTP events such as peer loss, peer reachability, and clock synchronization events.

To view the NTP logging events on the router, use the following command:

Router2#show logging | include NTP
000019: Jan 29 10:57:52.633 EST: %NTP-5-PEERSYNC: NTP synced to peer
000020: Jan 29 10:57:52.637 EST: %NTP-6-PEERREACH: Peer is reachable
000023: Jan 29 10:57:53.635 EST: %NTP-6-PEERREACH: Peer is reachable
000024: Jan 29 11:01:20.653 EST: %NTP-4-PEERUNREACH: Peer is unreachable
000026: Jan 29 11:15:11.985 EST: %NTP-4-UNSYNC: NTP sync is lost

In this example, we can see that the router initially synchronized its time to server before the server became unreachable, causing the router to lose synchronization. This kind of forensic information can assist you in investigating NTP issues.

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