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software configuration management
Software Configuration Management
by Jessica Keyes   ISBN:0849319765
Auerbach Publications © 2004 (619 pages)

Drawing from military standard 973, this book introduces the software configuration framework for managing the evolution of computer systems throughout all stages of systems development.

Table of Contents
Software Configuration Management
Chapter 1 - Introduction to Software Configuration Management
Chapter 2 - Project Management in a CM Environment
Chapter 3 - The DoD CM Process Model
Chapter 4 - Configuration Identification
Chapter 5 - Configuration Control
Chapter 6 - Configuration Status Accounting
Chapter 7 - A Practical Approach to Documentation and Configuration Status Accounting
Chapter 8 - Configuration Verification and Audit
Chapter 9 - A Practical Approach to Configuration Verification and Audit
Chapter 10 - Configuration Management and Data Management
Chapter 11 - Configuration Change Management
Chapter 12 - Configuration Management and Software Engineering Standards Reference
Chapter 13 - Metrics and Configuration Management Reference
Chapter 14 - CM Automation
Appendix A - Project Plan
Appendix B - DOD Engineering Change Proposal
Appendix C - Sample Data Dictionary
Appendix D - Problem Change Report
Appendix E - Test Plan
Appendix F - Program Code Inspection Form
Appendix G - Sample Inspection Plan
Appendix H - QA Handover Document
Appendix I - System Service Request
Appendix J - Document Change Request (DCR)
Appendix K - Problem/Change Report
Appendix L - Software Requirements Changes
Appendix M - Problem Report (PR)
Appendix N - Corrective Action Processing (CAP)
Appendix O - Specification Change Notice
Appendix P - Project Statement of Work
Appendix Q - Problem Trouble Report (PTR)
Appendix R - Library/Baseline Change Form
Appendix S - Sample Maintenance Plan
Appendix T - Software Configuration Management Plan (SCMP)
Appendix U - Acronyms and Glossary
Appendix V - Functional Configuration Audit (FCA) Checklist
Appendix W - Physical Configuration Audit (PCA) Checklist
Appendix X - SCM Guidance for Achieving the "Repeatable" Level on the Software
Appendix Y - Supplier CM Market Analysis Questionnaire
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List of Tables

An effective systems development and design process is far easier to explain than it is to implement. A framework is needed that organizes the life cycle activities that form the process. This framework is Configuration Management (CM).

Software Configuration Management discusses the framework from a standards viewpoint, using the original DoD MIL-STD-973 and EIA-649 standards to describe the elements of configuration management within a software engineering perspective.

Divided into two parts the first section is composed of 14 chapters that explain every facet of configuration management related to software engineering. The second section consists of 25 appendices that contain many valuable real world CM templates.

The content is extensive and inclusive, covering everything from CM planning to configuration identification, verification and auditing. Although it is vendor-neutral, it offers a serious discussion of what to look for in a CM tool and lists toolsets for review. This volume is a sourcebook of techniques, templates, and best practices in the field, providing software engineers and systems developers with what they need to run a successful CM program.

Software Configuration Management:

  • Delivers a nuts-and-bolts tutorial on how to implement configuration management within your organization
  • Provides 25 appendices filled with guides, templates, forms and completed examples of every facet of configuration management
  • Includes more than 200 tables that allow you quick access to precise data
  • Offers more than 50 images to illustrate complex concepts