Assigning Complete Protection with the PWData Set Option

Assigning Complete Protection with the PW= Data Set Option

The PW= data set option assigns the same password for each level of protection. This data set option is convenient for thoroughly protecting a member with just one password. If you use the PW= data set option, those who have access only need to remember one password for total access.

  • To access a member whose password is assigned using the PW= data set option, use the PW= data set option or the data set option that equates to the specific level of access you need:

     /* create a data set using PW=,              then use READ= to print the data set */        data mylib.states(pw=orange);           input density crime name $;           datalines;        151.4 6451.3 Colorado  ... more data lines ...  ;        proc print data=mylib.states(read=orange);        run; 
  • PW= can be an alias for other password options:

     /* Use PW= as an alias for ALTER=. */        data;           input name $ 1-10 location $ 12-25;           datalines;        Vanderbilt Nashville        Rice       Houston        Duke       Durham        Tulane     New Orleans  ... more data lines ...  ;        proc datasets library=mylib;           delete college(pw=red);        run; 

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