Chapter 19: Managing Your Data in the SAS Windowing Environment

Introduction to Managing Your Data in the SAS Windowing Environment

The SAS windowing environment contains windows that enable you to do common data manipulation and changes without writing code.

If you are new to SAS and are unfamiliar with writing code in the SAS language, then you might find the windowing environment helpful. With the windowing environment, you can open a data set in a window, point to rows and columns in your data, and then click on menu items to reorganize and perform analyses on the information.

This section shows the main features of the SAS windowing environment, and demonstrates many of the tools that enable you to view, modify, import and export data.

Operating Environment Information: If you use SAS on z/OS, refer to 'Keyboard Equivalents for z/OS' on page 284 to see the keyboard alternatives to using a mouse.

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