Understanding Permissions and Security Concepts

When using GSNW, NetWare file attributes are not exactly the same as those for Windows 2000 Server. Table 21-3 shows the file rights mapping between Windows 2000 Server and NetWare for files opened through GSNW.

Table 21-3. Comparing Windows and NetWare file attributes

Windows File Attributes NetWare File Attributes

A (Archive)


S (System)


H (Hidden)


R (Read-only)

Ro, Di (Delete inhibit), Ri (Rename inhibit)

GSNW does not support the following NetWare file attributes:

  • Rw (Read/write)
  • S (Shareable)
  • T (Transactional)
  • P (Purge)
  • Ra (Read audit)
  • Wa (Write audit)
  • Ci (Copy inhibit)

When you copy a file from a Microsoft networking client to the NetWare file server by means of GSNW, the Ro, A, Sy, and H file attributes are preserved.

When you use a Windows 2000 server running GSNW to directly access NetWare servers, you can use NetWare utilities, such as Filer and Rights, to set attributes that are not supported by GSNW.

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