This is based on the familiar airhockey game in which you and a 'robot' opponent try and knock a sliding puck into each other's goals. Your opponent has the face of Professor Rucker, your player is shaped like a disk with a triangle tail.

Try and knock the puck into your opponent's goal, and to prevent the puck from being knocked into your goal. Each time the puck goes into your home goal, the robot gets a score point. Each time the puck goes into the robot's goal, you get a point.

The status bar shows your and the robot player's scores.

The game is set up so that you and the robot opponent each have to stay on your own side of the center line.

The game ends when either you or the robot opponent reaches a score of seven points.

You may enjoy using the Player Scooter Controls instead of the default Player Mouse Controls .

This game also looks very nice if you select View 3D OpenGL Graphics , although on some machines it will then run too slow to be fun to play.

Your chances of getting the puck past the robot are better when you bank the puck off one of the side walls.

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