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Software Engineering and Computer Games
By Rudy Rucker
Publisher : Addison Wesley
Pub Date : December 17, 2002
ISBN : 0-201-76791-0
Pages : 544

"This book should be a requirement of anyone that wants to write games-period"-Andre Lamothe, author and CEO of Xtreme Games

Software Engineering and Computer Games was written with four broad goals:

  • To teach a lively style of object-oriented software engineering.

  • To show how to bring a complete program to the level of a commercial release.

  • To provide a "game engine" framework of linked classes for game development.

  • To help students create computer games that are interactive, rapidly executing, and visually beautiful.

It uses an object-oriented (OO) approach throughout, incorporating UML for OO analysis and design and discussing software patterns and how to make use of them in the design process.The book covers nine topics:

  • Basic software engineering principles and techniques

  • How to organize and complete a substantial software project.

  • Practical examples of object-oriented design and programming.

  • The design of computer games.

  • Simulating physics inside our computer-generated worlds .

  • Artificial life, or how to simulate live creatures inside a computer program.

  • How to use two and three-dimensional computer graphics.

  • Windows programming with the Microsoft Foundation Classes, or MFC.

  • How to develop a project using Microsoft Visual Studio (Either Version 6.0 or .NET)

Software Engineering and Computer Games
Software Engineering and Computer Games
Year: 2002
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