What You ve Learned

What You've Learned

  • Click the Browse button with the eye icon to use the Loop Browser.

  • To find the instrument you want using the Loop Browser, select instruments on the left, add more criteria on the right, and view the results in the scroll window on the far right.

  • Drag a loop to the Tracks column to add the music in its instrument track.

  • Click the trailing edge of a loop to edit it or repeatedly loop it out; click the trailing lower edge for the Edit tool and the trailing upper edge for the Loop tool.

  • Use the Volume slider in the Mixer to adjust the relative volumes of tracks for a balanced mix.

  • Solo or mute tracks using the buttons in the Tracks column.

  • Toggle the counter from musical notation to elapsed time by clicking the music note in the counter window.

  • Use Preferences > Export to set up the location in iTunes where exported music is placed.

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