Authors: Moskowitz, Roland W.; Altman, Roy D.; Hochberg, Marc C.; Buckwalter, Joseph A.; GoldberG, Victor M.

Title: Osteoarthritis: Diagnosis and Medical/Surgical Management, 4th Edition

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Previous editions of this text have been dedicated to Drs. Leon Sokoloff, Jonas H. Kellgren, and John S. Lawrence whose pioneering contributions to our understanding of osteoarthritis (OA) are still routinely referred to many decades later. Dr. Sokoloff's conceptual contributions related to the pathology and pathophysiology of OA, and to the study of animal models remain as relevant today as when first reported. Similarly, the epidemiologic studies performed by Drs. Kellgren and Lawrence, and their classification of OA radiologic stages, are a living standard on which OA clinical studies continue to be based.

It has been said that advances in knowledge are based on the ability of others to stand on the shoulders of those who came before them, seeing further beyond the horizon to new, otherwise unattainable vistas. Accordingly, we recognize and additionally dedicate this textbook to more recent leaders in the field of osteoarthritis research, Drs. David S. Howell, Henry J. Mankin, and Robert B. Salter. Drs. Howell and Mankin are former editors of this textbook. Dr. Howell is internationally recognized for his contributions to the pathophysiology of articular hyaline cartilage and the growth plate, as well as, to the role of calcification in bone and joint pathology. He represents the classic triple-threat academician excelling as a clinician, educator, and basic investigator. His original paintings of seaside landscapes further identify his renaissance character. Dr. Howell mentored Dr. Altman in the clinical and basic sciences in osteoarthritis. Dr. Mankin, similarly internationally recognized, has led the way in our understanding of cartilage biochemistry and disease pathophysiology; as a mentor to others in the field, he is without peer. The Mankin classification for OA pathology remains a standard of OA histopathologic classification. We are honored by and indebted to him for the foreword to this fourth edition; his impact on the editors of this text, and on the field in general, has, and continues to be, immense. Dr. Salter's contributions to disease modeling, experimental surgical approaches, and biomechanics as related to joint therapeutics are legendary; who has not prescribed his Continuous Passive Motion postoperatively to patients undergoing orthopedic surgery. Dr. Salter has played a special role in the initiation of Dr. Moskowitz's interest in the field of osteoarthritis; his presentation of studies related to a compression-immobilization and other models of OA some four decades ago ignited Dr. Moskowitz's interest in the field, an interest which has continued to this day. It is with a sense of privilege that we add these names to the dedication of our book mentors who have influenced the lives not only of the authors of this text, but OA investigators throughout the world.

A special appreciation goes to our wives, Peta, Linda, Susan, Kitty, and Harriet for their continuing support. One of these days they are going to believe us when we say this is the last edition we'll work on! We know that, should future editions hopefully follow, they will continue to be as much on our side as ever we love you for that.

Osteoarthritis. Diagnosis and Medical. Surgical Management
Osteoarthritis: Diagnosis and Medical/Surgical Management
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Year: 2007
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