List of Tables

Chapter 3: Setting Up Firefox

Table 3-1: Keyboard Shortcut Differences
Table 3-2: Differences in Terminology
Table 3-3: Keyboard Shortcut Differences

Chapter 4: Finding Information Online

Table 4-1: Search Engines for the Search Box
Table 4-2: Additional Search Engines to Choose
Table 4-3: Firefox Search Keywords

Chapter 15: Staying Safe Online

Table 15-1: Companies Most Frequently Targeted by Phishers

Chapter 21: Ten Secrets to a Foxier Web

Table 21-1: Shortcuts in Standard and Fast Find Modes
Table 21-2: Default Firefox Search Keywords

Chapter 22: The Ten Best Firefox Extensions

Table 22-1: Basic Mouse Gestures
Table 22-2: Greasemonkey Scripts to Try

Appendix B: Firefox Keyboard Reference

Table B-1: Navigation Keyboard Shortcuts
Table B-2: Keyboard Shortcuts for Tabbed Browsing
Table B-3: Keyboard Shortcuts for Text
Table B-4: Keyboard Shortcuts for Page Searching
Table B-5: Keyboard Shortcuts for Web Searching
Table B-6: Keyboard Shortcuts for Using the Location Bar
Table B-7: Keyboard Shortcuts for Opening and Closing
Table B-8: Yes, Even More Keyboard Shortcuts

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Firefox For Dummies
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