Using a TV as a Monitor

If your laptop has an S-video (for Super-Video) output connector, you can use it to connect the computer to a TV with an S-video input connector. S-video is a method for moving video images that splits the image's brightness and color signals, and transmits them separately. S-video cables are widely available from electronics and home entertainment retailers.

To set up an S-video connection, follow these steps:

  1. Turn off the computer and the television.

  2. Connect the cable between the S-video connectors on your computer and your television set.

  3. Turn on the television.

  4. Turn on the computer and wait for Windows to load.

  5. From the Windows desktop, move the cursor to an empty spot and right-click.

  6. When the Display Properties window appears, choose the Settings tab. The dialog box in Figure 22.1 (see the previous section) appears.

  7. Windows treats a television connected through an S-video cable just like any other second monitor, but many laptops can produce only a copy of the main image through the S-video connector. Follow the instructions in the previous section to use the television as an extended monitor, a duplicate of the laptop screen, or a single monitor.

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