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How can I make a Flash movie where a Print button prints the current frame?


Place most or all of the frame's contents into its own single-frame movie clip. Label that frame in the movie clip with a #p. Use the print or printAsBitmap command with the target set to that movie clip. Do this for each frame.


How can I bring up the Page Setup dialog for the user so that she can change her settings before printing?


When you use print , both the Page Setup and Print dialogs are displayed, one after the other. This may depend a little on your system configuration and print drivers.


How can I test the print command without wasting paper?


Many print drivers come with a print preview option. This means that you can select Preview instead of Print in either the Page Setup or Print dialog. This is a great way to test printing. Many recent color ink jet printers come with such print drivers, but basic business printers usually do not.

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