Special Projector Commands

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The fscommand command can also be used in projectors, which are standalone Flash movies. However, only a few special commands can be used.

The simplest command is quit . This takes no second parameter but simply exits the projector quickly. Here is a script for a projector quit button:

 on (release) {     fscommand("quit"); } 

Two commands deal with scaling. The fullscreen command takes a true or false as a value and forces the projector to scale up to the full size of the user 's screen. The allowscale command, if set to true , scales the movie to fit whatever size the projector window is currently.

The showmenu command turns on or off the menus that the user sees with the projector.

Finally, the exec command takes a given path and attempts to execute an application at that path . This could be another projector or something like Wordpad.

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