Backups onto Optical Discs

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Microsoft Backup, which comes with Windows except for XP Home Edition (Start > Programs/All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Backup), can use optical drives. Many third-party backup programs have this capability as well. Elect to back up to a file and then store the file, if it will fit, on a CD-RW or writable DVD. You can use software to burn a disc, or better yet, format a rewritable disc so that it can be used just as a magnetic drive. Most or all CD-burning software has a function for formatting the disc. To format a disc could take between 25 and 45 minutes. When it is completed, files and folders can be dragged and dropped, or cut/copied and pasted into and out of the rewritable disc. This makes these discs very convenient to use for backups. Keep in mind that formatting a rewritable optical disc will preclude its use in a DVD or CD video/music player.


Windows Backup can be installed on XP Home Edition. See Chapter 11, "Troubleshooting," for more information.

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