Plans Become Actions

The next morning, Saul jumped out of bed and decided to get started. He quickly threw on some clothes that were lying on the floor, grabbed his computer backpack , and went to the kitchen to grab breakfast . His mother was still passed out cold in the other room. Must have been another rough night, he mumbled to himself as he grabbed some bread. I can t wait to get out of here.

The first thing Saul had to do was figure out what he was dealing with regarding the hospital s wireless hardware. The quickest way to do this was to walk through the hospital. But in order to not look obvious, he would need to visit a part of the hospital that always had a lot of visitors . St. James was a large facility and there were lots of people going in and out almost constantly during the day. I think I ll walk through the Patient Care wing. I can t imagine that it s that unusual seeing kids my age walking through there to visit grandparents or such. Saul finished up his breakfast, put an apple in his bag, and went to catch the next bus to the hospital.

The sun was already blazing when Saul walked out the door toward the bus stop. It was late morning at this point and there were a lot of people already moving about. The bus stop was relatively close to his house so the walk was short and Saul soon found himself on his way back to the hospital.

Arriving at the bus stop, Saul found himself standing in the same plaza he had visited multiple times over the last couple of weeks. Staring at the massive structure, he decided he would just walk in the front doors and head toward the Patient Care wing of the hospital. I ll just act like I know where I m going and that I belong here. With that in mind, Saul headed toward the front doors, only slightly nervous about what he was doing.

As the doors to the hospital opened for Saul, the smell was immediate and distinct. This was a hospital. It smelled clean but gave off an aura of cold and distant inhumanity. The floors were standard linoleum tile and the walls were a distinct medical mint green color . He was still sweating from the heat outside and the cool air in the hospital felt good on his dark skin. Saul shivered to himself as he took a quick look around. People die here, he found himself thinking. Pushing these thoughts from his head, he tried to focus on the task at hand and began walking down the corridor to the Patient Care wing.

The corridor was brightly lit and although the temperature in the hospital was comfortable, it still seemed cold to Saul. The nurses seemed to match the paint on the walls, all wearing mint green scrubs. As he approached the nurse s station for the Patient Care wing, he began looking along the walls for any sign of an access point.

Can I help you? a young nurse with a nice smile asked Saul.

Saul jumped slightly in his skin. He cursed himself for being so easily caught off guard. No, ma am. I m just looking for a toilet , he replied.

Oh, then you need to make a right at the next corridor, the nurse said back. The men s room is on the left.

The nurse didn t seem to see anything odd about Saul being in this area. As he was preparing to say his farewells and leave, Saul noticed what he had been looking for. Hanging on the wall, directly behind the nurse s station was a Lucent AP-1000 access point. He could easily see the two ORiNOCO gold wireless cards sticking out from under the white plastic cover of the AP.

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Thank you very much, Saul replied happily. I ve been looking for the men s room for the last five minutes.

With that, he headed off in the direction of the men s room.

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