Additional Resources


For your continued reading, you may wish to visit these resources for more information on information-gathering techniques and software.

  • Packet Storm : Packet Sniffers, a collection of specialized packet sniffers,

  • "Security of the WEP Algorithm," by Nikita Borisov, Ian Goldberg, and David Wagner,

  • "How to Watch Spyware Watching You," Steven Gibson,

  • "Sniffing Out Packet Sniffers," by Brien Posey,,,12084_766671_2,00.html

  • EtherPeek, an ethernet packet analysis tool by WildPackets,

  • NetMinder, Ethernet protocol analysis and alerting by Neon Software,

  • "Sniffers: What They Are and How to Protect Yourself," by Matthew Tanase,

  • "TCP/IP for the Uninitiated," by Erik Iverson,

  • "Introduction to TCP/IP,"

  • Example Web Packet Sniffer (written in Perl),

  • "Remote OS Detection via TCP/IP Stack FingerPrinting," by Fyodor, http://www. insecure .org/nmap/nmap-fingerprinting-article.html

  • "Port Scanning Methods," by,


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