Looking it Up with look

Looking it Up with look

Speaking of spelling, you can also have Unix just look up a word for you in the system dictionary. It's just like saying, "Hey, honey, how do I spell 'unforgivably,' as in 'unforgivably lazy'?" Just type look and the beginning of the word you want to look up (Code Listing 15.5).

Code Listing 15.5. Look up words with look.

[jdoe@frazz jdoe]$ look unfo unfold unfolded unfolding unfolds unforeseen unforgeable unforgiving unformatted unfortunate unfortunately unfortunates unfounded [jdoe@frazz jdoe]$ 

To Look Up a Definition with look:

  • look unfo

    At the shell prompt, type look followed by the first lettersall you knowof the word you want to look up. You'll see a listing of all the words that start with those letters, as shown in Code Listing 15.5.


  • You can use look from within vi, with :!look unfo, as shown in Figure 15.2.

Figure 15.2. Use look to find words, even within vi.

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