Surfing the Web with links

Surfing the Web with links

Using links, a really fancy text-based Web browser, you can surf the Web just as you might with Firefox or Internet Explorer, except with no graphics. That's really not a bad thing; consider that you don't have to deal with pop-up ads, banner ads, or similar junk. Just content, all the time. links even supports tables and complex Web page designs, which is unusual for a text-based browser (Figure 12.6). Related advantages of using links are that you won't have to deal with slow download times for graphics, annoying sound files, plug-ins, or other showy Web page features.

Figure 12.6. The links browser provides great surfing capabilities, even without images.

To Surf the Web with links:



At the shell prompt, type links followed by the name of an .html file or a Web site address. Here, we're accessing the Google Web site (Figure 12.6).


Surf the Web or Google for your favorite subject.

See the sidebars called Navigating with links and Useful links Keystrokes in this section for details.


Press to quit and return to the shell prompt. That's it!

Useful links Keystrokes

  • /findme finds text within the file. (Replace findme with the text you're looking for.) This is also handy to quickly navigate through a page.

  • finds text backward (moving up from the cursor) through the file.

  • downloads the current link.

  • goes to an address or file. You enter the address at the prompt.

  • lets you edit the current address.

  • usually lets you back out (escape from) the current menu.

  • brings up a menu to manage your bookmarks, including bookmarking the current page.

  • \ lets you toggle back and forth between viewing the formatted page and viewing the HTML source.

  • reloads the current page and refreshes the screen.


  • Press to bring up a handyand very familiarmenu at the top of the screen. Use arrow keys to navigate through the menu and to get out of it.

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