Understanding the Windows Protocols: SMB and CIFS

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Chapter 27. Working with Windows-Based Systems


  • Understanding the Windows Protocols: SMB and CIFS

  • Accessing and Sharing Windows Resources

  • Using Tiger with MS Exchange

  • Integrating Tiger into an Active Directory

  • Samba

There's no denying it. There's no ignoring it. We live in a world dominated by Windows-based computers. Granted, this dominance will last only a few more years until the current generation of Unix-heads (Mac OS X users included!) takes over. In the meantime, despite the example set by the opposition, it's still a good idea to play nice with Windows computers.

This chapter introduces the software that will help your computer exchange files over a Windows network and take the place of a Windows server for file and print sharing. Best of all, you can do everything from within the familiar Aqua interface.

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    Mac OS X Tiger Unleashed
    Mac OS X Tiger Unleashed
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