The Risks of Running a Mail Server

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Chapter 26. Creating a Mail Server


  • The Risks of Running a Mail Server

  • Activating the Built-in Tiger Postfix Mail Server

  • Fine-tuning a Postfix Configuration

  • Adding Spam and Virus Protection

  • Providing Remote Access to Email

  • Providing Web-Based Email Access

The Unix operating system started the email phenomenon by running the servers that first brought mail to the electronic age. Tiger continues the tradition by bundling the full-featured server Postfix with every copy of Tiger. It can provide email services for a small workgroup or an entire corporation.

This chapter explores the steps needed to activate your dormant Postfix installation and implement basic security features. In addition, you'll learn how to install POP3 (Post Office Protocol) and IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) servers to deliver email to client computers across a network.

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