Chapter22.Video Cubes

Chapter 22. Video Cubes

The 3D features in After Effects let you change the position and rotation of any layer along the layer's X, Y, and Z axes, essentially like moving around pieces of paper that vanish from view when perpendicular to the camera. But you can't make a layer truly 3D with depth and volume. Instead, you can assemble multiple items together so they look like a single 3D object with a shape that you can view from any angle and which you can animate as a whole.

This chapter shows you how to assemble a 3D cube made of videos and stills and then animate the cube so it implodes into the scene, spins fast, pauses to show off a video on its side, and repeats that cycle until it explodes out of the scene. You can use the same techniques to create a variety of very dynamic moves and transitions with any other virtual 3D object you design.

In addition, you'll learn how to design a blinking cursor that discloses words onscreen and a unique logo reveal that fits the style of the entire project.

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    Adobe After Effects 6.5 Magic
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