Preparing to Work

This chapter's project requires only a single piece of video that you'll use to fill the frames of the filmstrip you'll build. You'll use the finished movie from Chapter 19, "Tracking Reflections" (found on the book's DVD), as your source footage. Your first composition will contain only the filmstrip, so naturally the composition will be long and skinny.

To prepare for this project, do the following:


Start with a new project, and save it as Ch21AnimatedFilmstrip.


Import the file from the Chapter 19 folder on the book's DVDyes, the Chapter 19 folder, not this chapter's folder (Chapter 21). You'll use that chapter's finished movie to create the filmstrip's frames.


Create a new composition named Film Strip with Width 320, Height 2000, Frame Rate 30, and Duration 15:00.


Choose Composition > Background Color, and set the color swatch to white (RGB: 255, 255, 255).

The Film Strip composition

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