Clarifying the Text

If you preview the animation at this point, you'll notice that the text is much too difficult to read because the letters appear to merge into one another. You'll make the viewer focus on the topmost text layer and increase its readability by fading in all the text layers behind it and changing their color. This technique will also add more impact when the topmost text layer lands in place:


Select the Base Text Comp layers 3 through 9 (leaving Base Text Comp layer 2 unselected), press T, and then add a 0% Opacity keyframe at time 0;00.


With layers 39 still selected, go to time 5;00 and change their Opacity values to 30%. Then, go to time 6;00, and change the values to 70%.


Create an Adjustment layer (Layer > New > Adjustment Layer), and place it below the topmost Base Text Comp layer in the Timeline at time 0;00.

Completed Text Stack Comp Timeline


Apply Effect > Image Control > Tint to the Adjustment layer, and set the effect's Map White To color to RGB: 130, 230, 254 and the Amount of Tint to 100%

Settings for the Tint effect in the Effect Controls window

The Adjustment layer works just like a Photoshop Adjustment layer, so all layers below the Adjustment layer in the Timeline are affected by its settings. In your project, all the Base Text Layers except the top one should display the blue color that you set in the Adjustment layer.

Composition at time 3;00

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