Randomizing the Text

You'll animate the type using the powerful Animator features, which are only available for text layersin this case, you'll use the animator to scramble the letters with the Character Offset property:


Press Home on your keyboard to go to time 0;00.


Select all the layers, and press UU to display the Text and Transform property groups.


In the EXPOSITION layer, click the arrow to the right of the word Animate to display that menu, and then choose Character Offset.

Adding a Character Offset animator to the EXPOSITION text layer


Add a keyframe to the Character Offset property, still at time 0;00, and set it to 40.


Go to time 0;15, and change the Character Offset value to 0.


Click the Animator 1 name to select the entire animator, and then copy it.


Press Home to return to time 0;00, select the other three layers, and paste. An Animator 1 and two Character Offset keyframes will appear in each layer's Text property group in the Timeline.

Timeline with Character Offset keyframes in place

How does your text look at time 0;00? It should be an unintelligible mess, thanks to the character-offset settings you applied to the layers. With a Character Offset value of 40, the original letters are each replaced by whatever letter exists 40 letters forward alphabetically. For example, 40 letters forward from the letter C is the letter Q. (Since there are only 26 letters in the alphabet, you must start over at letter A once you hit Z, in order to figure out the letter that will display.) If you go time 14;20, where the Character Offset should already be set to 1, you'll see that every letter is only 1 character away from the letters in the original title.

At time 0;14 seconds, Character Offset is 3, so the letters shown are three letters forward from the original title's letters.

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    Adobe After Effects 6.5 Magic
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