This book was authored in LATEX on the Emacspeak [1] audio desktop with Emacs package AucTeX [2] providing authoring support. At a time when most of the attention around Open Source Software is focused on the operating system, I would like to draw readers' attention to the wonderful array of high-quality open source authoring and document preparation tools created over the last 25 years by the LATEX community.



All figures in this book were drawn using package pstricks ; the declarative markup enabled me to draw these diagrams reliably without having to look at the final output. XML examples were created as stand-alone XML files and processed using packages xmlindent [3] and xmllint [4] before being converted to LATEX. The highlevel markup makes the content long-lived and reusable. An immediate advantage is that the content can be easily made available using a variety of access modes ranging from high-quality print and online hypertext to high-quality audio renderings .



As proof of this fact, I was able to create theHTMLversion on the accompanying CD using package tex4ht [5] by author Eitan Gurari from the same markup sources used to produce the typeset output. I would like to thank him for his unflagging help and support as I learned my way around his wonderful creation. The HTML version includes the necessary Aural CSS style rules to produce high-quality audio renderings of this book using Emacspeak and the Emacs W3 Web browser by William Perry.


Screen images for this book were produced by my XForms coeditor, Leigh Klotz, and I would like to thank him both for his help in creating these images and for carefully checking the text and examples against the XForms 1.0 specification. Screen images were produced using the X-Smiles, Novell, and FormsPlayer implementations .

I would like to thank author Nelson Beebe for his excellent collection of opensource tools for preparing and maintaining bibliographies . The document preparation tools used to prepare this book are well described in the Bibliography (entries 11, 12, and 13). I would like to thank author Sabastian Rahtz and publisher Addison-Wesley for providing access to the LATEX sources for this book. Finally, I would like to thank author Donald E. Knuth for the TEX typesetting system.

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XForms. XML Powered Web Forms with CD
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