Tips for Taking the RFID Exam

Tips for Taking the RFID+ Exam

Here are some general tips for taking your exam successfully:

  • Bring two forms of ID with you. One must be a photo ID, such as a driver's license. The other can be a major credit card or a passport. Both forms must include a signature.

  • Arrive early at the exam center so you can relax and review your study materials, particularly tables and lists of exam-related information.

  • Read the questions carefully. Don't be tempted to jump to an early conclusion. Make sure you know exactly what the question is asking.

  • Don't leave any unanswered questions. Unanswered questions are scored against you.

  • There will be questions with multiple correct responses. When there is more than one correct answer, a message at the bottom of the screen will prompt you to either "Choose two" or "Choose all that apply." Be sure to read the messages displayed to know how many correct answers you must choose.

  • When answering multiple-choice questions that you're not sure about, use a process of elimination to get rid of the obviously incorrect answers first. Doing so will improve your odds if you need to make an educated guess.

  • On form-based tests (nonadaptive), because the hard questions will eat up the most time, save them for last. You can move forward and backward through the exam.

  • For the latest pricing on the exams and updates to the registration procedures, visit CompTIA's website at

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CompTIA RFID+ Study Guide Exam RF0-101, includes CD-ROM
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