Chapter 2: Using DTS Designer to Build and Extend Packages


In this chapter, you will learn how to:

  • Create and edit package connection objects

  • Create and edit Transform Data, Execute SQL , and Bulk Insert tasks

  • Create and edit precedence constraints between package tasks

DTS Designer is a graphical application available from within SQL Server Enterprise Manager that enables you to build and edit packages containing one or more connections to homogenous or heterogeneous data sources, simple or complex workflows between and among multiple types of tasks, and event- driven logic. In Chapter 1, you created six different data movement packages using the DTS Import/Export Wizard. In this chapter, you will use DTS Designer to open , review, and edit the components of these packages and learn how these packages perform the tasks you configured in Chapter 1. You will also create the first of many packages that you will build as part of a complex data movement application, which will teach you how to use DTS to solve real- world problems.


If you skipped Chapter 1, execute the IfYouSkippedChapter1.cmd batch file. This batch file restores the SBS_OLTP and SBS_OLAP databases that were created in Chapter 1 and copies the DTS packages that would have been created in Chapter 1 into the WorkingFolder for Chapter 1. If you do not want this batch file to overwrite any packages that you saved to the WorkingFolder for Chapter 1, you must move them or rename them before you execute this batch file.

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