Chapter8.Deployment Scalability and Management

Chapter 8. Deployment Scalability and Management

The previous chapters covered IOS Mobile IP deployment in the context of specific applications, for example, corporate intranet, client mobility, and network mobility. In those specific applications, we presented features that fit the need of the application. This chapter looks at some of the features separately, presenting various options that can be used in place of those discussed in previous examples.

Home Address management is one of the more flexible features of IOS Mobile IP and has been presented in parts thus far. Essentially, we know that a Mobile Node/router must have a Home Address to complete the registration process. But where did it come from, and who gave it to the Mobile Node? This chapter examines all the Home Address options and describes how they work together.

At some point, it was inevitable that the S word would come upscalability. Just as you cannot discuss Lance Armstrong without mentioning the Tour de France, you cannot discuss networks without discussing scalability and management. To this end, this chapter addresses scaling issues as well as network management options. It also introduces the concept of a call model as a network-planning tool. Specific details related to both fault management and performance monitoring are presented. Finally, the chapter examines the common problems found in the deployment of Mobile IP and presents viable solutions.

    Mobile IP Technology and Applications
    Mobile IP Technology and Applications
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