Review Questions


What does the term metro mobility mean?


What are the challenges or concerns for Mobile IP in the metro mobility model?


What feature is necessary for a network to overcome ingress filtering?

  1. GRE tunneling

  2. Reverse tunneling

  3. Mobile AgentFA security association

  4. Firewall on the home network

  5. IP-in-IP encapsulation


Draw a diagram showing how packets travel when using reverse tunneling.


What is tunnel path MTU, and why is it sometimes an issue when using Mobile IP?


Describe the Path MTU Discovery mechanism.


What is NAT and why is it a challenge when using Mobile IP?


How is the coexistence of NAT with Mobile IP achieved?


How does the Home Agent infer that a Mobile Nodes is roaming behind an NAT gateway?


Mobile IP and IPSec can coexist with proper configuration and placement of the devices. Draw a diagram that shows Mobile IP over IPSec and IPSec over Mobile IP.


In the previous question, a particular protocol tunnel is contained within the other, that is, Mobile IP over IPSec or IPSec over Mobile IP. In these cases, in what order is the encapsulation removed?


What are the advantages and disadvantages of IPSec over Mobile IP?


What are the advantages and disadvantages of Mobile IP over IPSec?


Registration Revocation allows for which of the following?

  1. Timely release of Mobile IP resources

  2. Early adoption of domain policy changes with regard to services offered/required of a Mobile IP binding

  3. Timely notification to a Mobile Nodes that it is no longer receiving mobility services, thereby significantly shortening any black-hole periods to facilitate a more robust recovery.

  4. Accurate Mobile IP and resource accounting

  5. All of the above


What are the four main components of resource revocation?

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    Mobile IP Technology and Applications
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