B.8 Case Sensitivity

HTML per se is not case sensitive. The following tags are only three examples that are all the same to HTML:




UNIX ties are case sensitive:

"Escape sequences" ( &gt )

Filenames ( HooXd.u )

<A HREF="jones.html">Jones &amp Co.</A>

XML, Java, JavaScript, and CSS all have to be just right.

Sometime during the great parade that the World Wide Web has become, someone noticed that HTML was the only unit that was not in step with the march of progress. So, beginning with HTML 4.0, all tags are to be in lowercase to conform with the other elements that make up part of modern Web sites. You can still build a simple Web site without worrying about case sensitivity, but once you start using the sophisticated tools of Web building, lowercase will be the rule. (In this review I will stick to UPPERCASE for tags so that they are more visible, but don't try this at home.)

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